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cycling in theWenatchee Valley

On May 30th at BioSports. It has come time to do a the long ride to Leavenworth and back. We have two groups and times for this ride. After talking it over with last Saturday rides we will have the slower rides start at 0830, (8:00am) and the Fast Group start at 0900, (9:00am). We will meet at Starbucks in Leavenworth. Craig Stills will be leading the 0900 group and I will be leading the slower group at 0830. Broth groups will be traveling on the north side highway 2/97 to Leavenworth. Once we leave Starbucks we will travel on the south side of highway 2/97, up Dead Man Rd. and Stine's Hill back to Wenatchee. This is approximately 50+ miles around trip. This is not a ride for beginners. June 6th, Saturday, there will NOT be a ride because most of us are riding in the Apple Century Bike Ride. Thank you Fred W. Munson WVVC President Check out our website Sign up for VELO